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Share Certificate Rates
6 Months Minimum $100.00 .50% APY 0.50%
12 Months Minimum $500.00 1.00% APY 1.00%
18 Months Minimum $1000.00 1.00% APY 1.00%
24 Months Minimum $1000.00 1.00% APY 1.00%
Dividends Are paid on a  quarterly basis on Share Certificates.
Minimum balance for a Certificate is $100.00
Maturity: We may impose a penalty if you withdraw funds from your account before the maturity date.
Penalty: For certificate accounts, the amount of the early withdrawal penalty for your account is 90 days’ dividend.
Rates are subject to change.

Dividend Rates
Regular Shares $20.00-Maximum 0.30% APY 0.30%
Christmas Clubs $20.00-Maximum 0.40% APY 0.40%
Vacation Clubs $20.00-Maximum 0.10% APY 0.10%
Dividends are paid on a quarterly basis on Regular & Special Savings accounts.
Christmas Clubs have a 10% penalty if withdrawn early.
Christmas Clubs are paid annually- after last payday in October.
Vacation Clubs are paid semi- annually.
Rates are subject to change at any time.



1. 100% Regular Share Secured Loans

  • share rate + 2.5%

2. Signature loans

  • Limit up to $10,000.00 maximum
  • Must have a 775 beacon or higher to qualify for the $10,000.00
  • Must have a 750 beacon or higher to qualify for the $9,000.00.
  • Must have a 725 beacon or higher to qualify for the $8,000.00.
  • Must have a 700 beacon or higher to qualify for the $7,000.00.
  • The following terms apply for refinancing a loan
    • As long as you can receive $500.00 and have paid back at least 26 bi-weekly deductions on a signature loan you are eligible to refinance.
    • Payments set up at time of loan must be paid back thru regular payroll deductions to reapply.
    • Signature loans up to a term of 60 months.
    • A co- signer may be required if you are not credit worthy for the amount you are borrowing. All co-signers will be required to furnish the same information as the member requesting the loan. A co-signer must meet credit worthiness standards.
    • Anyone filing bankruptcy in the last three years from discharge date can only borrow up to $3,000.00. Credit worthiness standards still apply.
    • Rates are based upon beacon scores

Restrictions may apply.

3. Share builder loans

$250.00-$2,000.00 loans:

  • 18% on $250.00-$2,000.00 loans requiring $15.00 – $30.00 deposit’s into special savings account bi-weekly.
  • $15.00 will be deposited on the $250.00-$500.00 loans and $30.00 on the $500.01- $2,000.00 loans.
  • All $250.00-$2,000.00 loans must be paid in full thru payroll before reapplying.
  • If at any time the money from the special savings account is taken then you will no longer be eligible for the share builder loan. You are always eligible to go thru a credit check if you take from the special savings account.
  • Employment requirements:
    • 1-3 years $250.00- $500.00 term 3-5 months
    • 3-10 years $500.01- $1,500.00 term 5-11 months
    • 10 years or longer up to $2,000.00 up to 11 months

Restrictions may apply (not being offered right now)

4.  Special savings loans

  • Special savings loans at an interest rate of 5%.
  • Minimum payment on share secured loan is $40.00 bi-weekly.

5. New vehicles

  • 100% of msrp price plus tags, taxes, and fees not to exceed a term of 84 months. (Based on credit worthiness)
  • The current model (2022) with 5000 miles or less are considered new.
  • All new vehicles must carry full coverage insurance. Proof of insurance is required before lending money.
  • Member must provide credit union with a buyers sheet before loan can be met on.

6. Used vehicles

  • Insurance
  • We will not loan on a car 16 years or older
  • Buyers guide
  • Credit union will loan up to NADA retail value on any used autos based on credit worthiness. If auto is not in NADA book we will loan by the Kelley blue book up to retail based on credit worthiness.
  • You can have 2 secured car loans.
  • All vehicles must pay back 26 bi-weekly payments in order to refinance or 12 monthly payments.

7. CD secured loans – CD rate + 2.5%

  • Our loan limit for each member is $60,000.00. Exception: share and share certificate secured loans may borrow up to the amount of total share or share certificate balance.
  • All loan applications will be reviewed for the following:
    • Verification of income (check stub, letter from human resources or last year’s tax return)
    • Development of a debt ratio on each applicant
    • Determine credit worthiness; and
    • Use the above information to grant loans prior to allowing character to play any part in the lending decision.
    • The above lending policy is based upon credit worthiness of each applicant.

Terms of signature loans

  • All loans are based on FICO Scores and Debt Ratio
  • New Auto Loans start @ 2.5% up to 84 months
  • Used Autos start @ 3% up to 72 months
  • Signature Loans start @ 5% up to 60 months
  • The minimum auto payment is $175.00 per month
  • Late charge:- a late charge of the lesser of 5% of the maximum allowed by law will be assessed against all past due amounts if your payment is not received within fifteen (15) days of the due date
  • Sun Comp offers Life & Disability& Gap insurance thru CUNA Mutual on  signature, auto & secured loans
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